The Problem

Programmers have to learn all the time—not just the obvious new technology, new programming languages, and new frameworks, but new ways of working. Learning how the evolving system under development behaves. Learning how your teammates behave—or don’t. Learning your market, your organization’s changing priorities, and more. You need to cut through the thicket of nonsense and make sense of user’s needs, technological swamps, and organizational traps.

You need critical thinking skills, and better ways to learn and think.

What You’ll Learn

In this workshop, you’ll journey through bits of cognitive science, neuroscience, and learning and behavioral theory. You’ll see surprising aspects of how our brains work and see how you can beat the system to improve your own learning and thinking skills.

We’re going to begin to refactor your wetware—redesign and rewire your brain—to make you more effective at your job. Whether you’re a programmer, manager, “knowledge worker”, technogeek, or deep thinker, or if you just happen to have a human brain you’d like to crank up, this workshop will help.

“By following Andy’s concrete steps, you can make your most precious asset—your brain—more efficient and productive. You’ll think smarter, work better, and learn more than ever before.” —Bert Bates, co-creator of the Head First series of brain-friendly books

During this full day course, you’ll experience:

  • This Is Your Brain
    • Your Dual-CPU Modes
    • Linear and Rich Characteristics
    • DIY Brain Surgery and Neuroplasticity
  • Get in Your Right Mind
    • Draw on the Right Side
    • Engage an R-mode to L-mode Flow
    • Harvest R-mode
  • Debug Your Mind
    • Meet Your Cognitive Biases
    • Exposing Hardware Bugs
    • Social Styles
  • 5 Steps to Guaranteed Creativity

  • Journey from Novice to Expert
    • The Five Dreyfus Model Stages
    • Dreyfus at Work: Herding Racehorses and Racing Sheep
    • Using the Dreyfus Model Effectively
  • Learn Deliberately
    • Create a Pragmatic Investment Plan
    • Use Enhanced Learning Techniques
    • Read Deliberately with SQ3R
    • Visualize Insight with Mind Maps
    • Learn by Teaching
  • Gain Experience
    • Play in Order to Learn
    • Embed Failing in Practice
    • Learn About the Inner Game
    • Sensory Overrides
  • Manage Focus
    • Increase Focus and Attention
    • Manage Your Knowledge
    • Control Context
  • Beyond Expertise
    • Effective Change
    • What to Do Tomorrow Morning
    • Beyond Expertise


  • Two 3 hour remote sessions

Scheduling and Fees

For pricing and to schedule a private workshop, please email us at schedule at growsinstitute dot com with the dates you have in mind.

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