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The practices listed here are a Work In Progress. Practices marked with an asterisk (*) are currently in draft form and will be published when ready.

Please give us feedback if you spot any typos, mistakes, missing elements, or suggestions based on your experiences. Thanks for your support and participation!

GROWS Practices

The GROWS Method™ Practices are based on proven, successful, business and development practices from published scientific research and surveys.

The GROWS Method™ features Core practices as well as practices specifically geared toward Individuals, Teams, and Executives, and other specific roles, all of which emphasize Learning as a critical component of success. As an individual, you are responsible for your own personal learning. As a team, you are responsible for each other’s learning and growth. As an executive, you are responsible for organizational learning and growth.

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The GROWS Method™ Core Concepts:

All Levels, All Groups:

The GROWS Method™: For Executives

Executives are the leaders in the organization, which may include the CEO, president, vice-president, etc.: whoever is ultimately and directly responsible for the Business Development involving this product and project work being done.

Stage 1: Safety & Hygiene:

Stage 2: Checklist-Driven:

Capability Planning *

Create Physical Flexibility *

❑ Checklist *

Agent Not GateKeeper *

Safety *

Stage 3: Fully Working Recipes:

Create A Robust Team Mix *

Create Careers *

R&D vs. Copy-n-paste *

Business Continuance *

Stage 4: Smooth Adaptations:

Drive Open Source *

Optimization *

Stage 5: Replicate, Teach, Invent:

Teal Organization *

The GROWS Method™: For Teams

The Team encompasses anyone directly involved in creating software and related deliverables, including developers, DBA’s, analysts, testers, tech writers, and others.

Stage 1: Safety & Hygiene:

Stage 2: Checklist-Driven:

Deep Product Discovery *

Schedule Skills Improvement *

Share The Secrets *

Feature Demos *

Two Sets of Eyes *

Twelve Factor App *

❑ Checklist *

Stage 3: Fully Working Recipes:

Bring It Back *

Project Retrospective *

Stage 4: Smooth Adaptations:

Kanban Flow *

The GROWS Method™: For Individuals

These practices are geared toward the Individuals working in a team, and their Individual Skill Development, which is different from things done together as a team.

Stage 1: Safety & Hygiene:

Stage 2: Checklist-Driven:

Practice Critical Thinking *

Compensate for Cognitive Biases *

Learn Your Tools *

❑ Checklist *

Stage 3: Fully Working Recipes:

Set Cues for Task Resumption *

Stage 4: Smooth Adaptations:

Reinforce Values *

Get Mentored *

Stage 5: Replicate, Teach, Invent:

Teach It *

The GROWS Method™: For Users

Users are the actual people using the software being created. They want the software to increase their own capabilities for their own purposes, which may include their own business or personal development.

Stage 1: Safety & Hygiene:

Must Be Present *

Critique Don't React *

Stage 4: Smooth Adaptations:

What Don't You Need? *

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