What Does It Take?

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Perhaps there’s a lot more to modern software development and digital transformation than you think. Scrum, Lean, DevOps and agile approaches are each only one small part of the picture. To be successful in the new economy, you need more. You need to fill in the missing pieces.

You need the GROWS Method.®

GROW code. GROW people. GROW capability.

Scrum and DevOps isn't enough

What is the GROWS Method®?

The GROWS Method® Institute continues the tradition of “uncovering better ways of developing software.” We’ll show you how to create your own high-performing software development organizations using our GROWS Thinking Guides™, concrete habits for beginners through to all skill levels, and our workshops.

For an overview of the method’s goals and topic areas, including an introductory video, please visit growsinstitute.com

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How Does it Work?

Seeds, Habits, Thinking Guides

Most methods start off with “practices” you have to follow. We think that can be a little draconian, and not helpful if you don’t understand why a particular practice is important. Also, not everything that’s important can be codified into a simple practice.

So instead of “practices,” we offer a simpler idea of forming good habits. At the beginning stages, the GROWS Method® habits focus on issues of safety and reliability. Without those, there’s no sense proceeding further.

But habits only aren’t enough, you need to maintain awareness of why these habits work. Our GROWS Seeds are the underlying principles (some might call doctrine) that apply across our habits and approaches.

Finally, for those skill areas that aren’t easily distilled into a simple habit or practice, we offer the GROWS Thinking Guides™, offering advice for understanding and exploration in areas such as Systems Thinking, Psychological Safety, Cynefin models, Wardley mapping, and so on.

"I especially like the GROWS Method® fixed-rate understanding of team velocity. I've used that idea on a project where I was able to show that given our task list and our current velocity (reported daily on a wall calendar), we needed help. We got it, and I was then able to show we were on track."
—Mike B., Victoria, BC

"The themes that hit closest to home for me were aligning my work with Executive Vision/Initiatives, permitting Experimentation and tracking my growth through a Learning Journal. I recommend learning how the GROWS Method® can help your team grow through the application of Agile and Lean methodologies and beyond."
—Harold M., RTP, NC

"Best presentation of the conference. Best articulation of the usefulness, right use, and limitations of agile."
—An Introduction to The GROWS Method®, Agile Development Conference East

"Spread this information to masses—this is what the real world needs"
—Zemira L., The GROWS Method® Tutorial

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