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Practices by Stage

The GROWS Method™ features practices specifically geared toward Individuals, Teams, and Executives, as well as other specific roles, grouped by skill stage. Each practice is listed here by skill stage; you start at the beginning and work your way up. Learning and Core Practices form the backdrop throughout.

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GROWS stage1 Path

The GROWS Method™ Learning Practices:

Stage 1: Safety & Hygiene:

Create Psychological Safety *

No Failures *

Schedule Skills Improvement *

Adopt Personal Learning Habits *

Stage 2: Checklist-Driven:

Lunch And Learn *

Share The Secrets *

Create Physical Flexibility *

Stage 3: Fully Working Recipes:

Create A Robust Team Mix *

Create Careers *

Bring It Back *

Stage 4: Smooth Adaptations:

Drive Open Source *

Stage 1: Safety & Hygiene

Once you’re ready to begin, the emphasis at this beginner stage is on practices geared to producing software the Right Way, using modern software engineering principles to reduce risk and technical debt.



30m Thinking Appointment *


Clone Architecture *


Must Be Present *

Critique Don't React *


Stage 2: Checklist-Driven

With a solid technical underpinning, everyone can proceed to work together producing the Right Thing to the Right Rhythm using simple, concrete checklists.


Twelve Factor App *



Tracer Bullets *


Grid Testing *


Stage 3: Fully Working Recipes

With enough experience at the simpler Checklist level, you can move on the more advanced Recipe level, where more judgment and critical thinking is required.


Stories *

Release Planning *

Iteration Retrospective *

Project Retrospective *


R&D vs. Copy-n-paste *

Business Continuance *


Interactive Architecture *


Defect Driven Testing *


Set Cues for Task Resumption *

Stage 4: Smooth Adaptations

At this advanced level, everything works smoothly, with a custom fit and local adaptations to your organization, users, and way of working.


Kanban Flow *


Optimization *


Clickable Demo *

Blitzkrieg Testing *


What Don't You Need? *


Reinforce Values *

Get Mentored *

Stage 5: Replicate, Teach, Invent

Finally, at the “expert” level, you can look to teach and scale beyond your immediate environment, and replicate your success.


Teal Organization *


Emergent Architecture *


Test Driven *


Teach It *

The GROWS Method™ Core Concepts:

Are you ready?: GROWS demands open-minded commitment and a willingness to experiment. If that’s not the case, then the organization is not ready to start yet. See the core concept Agree to Try for more details.

These core ideas are always applicable, and are used throughout GROWS practices in different ways. You’ll notice there is no Adoption Experiment or Feedback specified, as these are guiding ideas, not practices themselves. But these give a good indication of the overall philosophy and direction that the GROWS practices rely on.

These core concepts aren’t necessarily meant for beginners, but are instead provided for more advanced practitioners to help understand and solve new and novel problems as they arise.

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