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  • Change/introduce one thing at a time
  • You check in code regularly (hourly to every several hours at most) and ensure it doesn’t break the team build
  • Throw out the old approach/habit/practice/code before adding new
  • Automate manual repetitive tasks to reduce risk and enable critical thinking
  • Use tracer bullets to get realtime feedback slicing through the application’s layers
  • Keep track of important decisions including participants, ideas considered and reasons for choosing the action
  • Create a learning habit involving learning, and learning how to learn
  • Use your learning journal to plan and track your learning efforts <!– These are good thoughts, but don’t point back to habits. So maybe we should have habits for the topics? DG
  • You contribute meaningfully to every team discussion
  • If needed, you “stop the line” to ensure critical issues are addressed before they become catastrophes
  • You suspend judgment and intently focus on ideas presented by others and openly consider their ideas
  • If you notice someone else struggling and you can help, you do
  • You actively take steps to build stronger working relationships with your team members
  • You are able to talk respectfully, but also directly and candidly to each of your team members –>

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