• Improve organization-wide buy-in
  • Promote dependable and efficient development
  • Improve individual & team skills
  • Gain real-time visibility of progress
  • Build trust with transparency and accountability
  • Reduce technical risk
  • Grow your organization

Since its founding in 2001 the agile movement has helped many organizations improve their software development, producing better software, with faster time to market. But it’s not all roses: many organizations are still struggling, and many who have tried and adopt an agile approach have not seen the success they deserve. We still regularly face problems such as:

  • Projects fail time after time, no matter how much time and energy we pour into them
  • Management has little to no visibility into project progress or status
  • Development teams don’t understand their management’s decisions or direction
  • Team members feel like they’re stuck in dead end jobs with no defined career path
  • There’s no predictability to the existing SDLC process
  • Technical practices aren’t included, understood, or budgeted
  • Lack of automation is curtailing new work

Current “agile” software methods are not, themselves, particularly agile. There are some great ideas in the agile philosophy and practices, but too often the focus in organizations is on “perfecting the practices” instead of using the practices to gain great advantage.

Adoption of new practices is often hit or miss, and doesn’t always include necessary players in the organization such as executives, QA, testers, or even users.

The GROWS® Method is an empirical process, featuring short-feedback loops and iterative and incremental delivery of working software, using software engineering and organizational practices appropriate to the skill level of the team and organization. GROWS leverages the best that we’ve learned with current approaches and places them in an inclusive, sustainable, growth-centric environment, customized to fit the most important team of all: yours.

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