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The GROWS™ Method Workshop

The GROWS™ Method takes the best ideas from the agile software development movement and harnesses them in a growth-oriented, skills-aware framework that features:

  • Intentional, bounded experimentation to lower risk on technical design decisions
  • Tracer bullets to lower risk on implementation, scalability, usability
  • Predictability based on real data, under real conditions, instead of low-data-quality estimations

This workshop explores the basic ideas underlying the GROWS approach with a combination of lectures, group and individual exercises, and audience participation.


  • 1.5 day workshop
  • Each attendee receives a printed workbook with exercises and background information
  • Cost is $1,500 per person, venue provided by host
  • 12 person minimum
  • 50% deposit due 30 days in advance of the event

Workshop Topics

  • Why “Agile” isn’t Working
  • The GROWS™ Method Overview: Dreyfus, Three R’s, Experiments
  • Using the Dreyfus Model of Skills Acquisition
  • The Three R’s:
    • Do The Right Thing: Executive Vision
    • To the Right Rhythm: Optimal Teams and Cadence
    • The Right Way: Continuously Ready-To-Ship
  • Get Answers from Intentional Experimentation
    • Process Adoption
    • Technical Answers
  • Design and Implement and Deploy with Tracer Bullet Development
    • Collaborative Architecture with Tracer Bullets
    • Executable Documentation
    • The Continuous Paradigm
  • The GROWS™ Method Practices
    • Practice Template
    • Core Practices
    • Team and Individual Practices
    • Executive Practices
    • User Practices
  • Where to Go From Here


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